Anxiety and Insomnia Relief CARE-Package

Life Changers
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This Care-Package is NOT for everyone. Please STOP and ask yourself these questions before proceeding:

• Are you worried about your health, family, job, finances, or other important life matters during this unprecedented global Coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn?

• Do you find yourself anxious about how you will keep yourself and your loved ones safe from being infected by COVID19?

• Or are you depressed because you are alone and having difficulty coping with being socially distanced or on lockdown?

• Have you found yourself lying awake most (or all) of the night staring at the clock and wishing you could just fall asleep?

If you answered, “Yes” to one or more of those questions, you are not alone, friend.  So many people are in your exact position right now because of the heightened stress brought about by the uncertainty of these unfortunate epic times. The great news is that you have come to the right place for expert solutions, professional support, and a compassionate team that will guide you onto the path to a relaxed, peaceful, joyful, “sleep-like-a-baby” life!  Welcome, this Care-Package IS for you.

We have professional life coaches, sleep specialists, counselors, guided meditation specialists, health and wellness consultants, and hypnotists all trained in assessing your areas of greatest concern and leading you to a solution.

What would you accomplish if you could wake up each day: filled with energy; happy to be alive; and excited about living your best life?  What would you do if you had the tools to manage your anxiety and other negative emotions and live the healthy, abundant life you deserve?

Congratulations, you a SPECIAL type of person! You are someone who recognizes an issue (or issues) in your life and reaches out for professional assistance. We value your courage, initiative, and great decision.  We believe you deserve a great quality of life, and more importantly we are here to help you get it!

Because we are passionate about serving those who are suffering most during this Coronavirus pandemic, we are offering this limited time Anxiety and Insomnia Care-Package as our way to give back to the community and spread some love and support.

The Life Changers Care-Package includes:

• A FREE 22-Minute Guided Deep Sleep Meditation for Insomnia to get you off to an excellent start to putting your insomnia to rest (pun intended—smile), once and for all.

• A 30-Minute personal one-on-one phone call* with one of our dedicated life coaches, sleep specialists, or counselors, depending upon your needs. *That’s a 70% DISCOUNT off the normal $200 hourly rate.

• A “We HEART You” goodie basket of Promotional Codes that can be used for future services and products.

• A premiere registration spot in our upcoming Mindfulness Course, which will have limited enrollment availability in order to give the most attention possible to each participant.

• The opportunity to apply for our all-expenses-paid scholarship award* for the entire Mindfulness Course. *Because we care, we have made one scholarship available for this super valuable—life changing—material. Submission details will be included in a follow-up email.

• A warm welcome to your new “Go-To” place for safety, complete confidentiality, compassion, empathy, and support. You are valuable. You matter. You are uniquely amazing! We are here for YOU!

     PLEASE NOTE: To best support you (and others), we are limiting the number of Care Packages you are able to purchase to two (2). This way we can offer this special opportunity to as many different people as possible. If you would like to purchase additional Care Packages or other products and services, please reach us at Thank You!

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Your COMPLIMENTARY “Insomnia Relief” Video will be immediately available after checkout. Details for scheduling your priority 30-minute phone session will be provided after purchase.

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Anxiety and Insomnia Relief CARE-Package

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